BoBo Maid is a community driven collection of 6666 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The story of BoBo Maid takes place on the planet Cecilia near the edge of Galaxy. A variety of amusing helmets and accessories weared by BoBo Maids represent different sorts of energy, transferred by Time Travel Tunnel from Cecilia to Earth. Thus our planet has been guarded by BoBo Maid since the day it was born.

Now BoBo Maids are looking for their friends on the earth and you are able to make acquaintance with these lovely creatures by NFT minting.

BOBOMAID is a unique NFT series
with cute figure and
collectable value.


Designed by New York artist with a film celebrity ,who represents a beautiful mermaid figure from a fantasy world.

Created for celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year with the figure of cute baby tiger,which stands for happiness and power.

Inspired from the figure of mermaid in the movie "Aquaman" and "The little Mermaid",making BoBo Maid more entertaining.

1. Active members of BOBO MAID community holding 2 and more BOBO MAIDs,will     have opportunities to be selected to display BOBO MAID in CV.

2. Users holding 4 and more BOBO MAIDs will get BOBO MAID of AR version.

1. After the 1st round sale,a self-governing committee will be founded in BOBO MAID     community. Members holding 2 and more BOBO MAIDs will have right to participate     in community issues.

2. BOBO MAID will be developed and sold by the community in the 2nd round sale.     The income will be distributed by the BOBO MAID holders of the community.

1. BOBO MAID will join the “Dragon King’s palace of Journey to the west” project.

2. Users holding 6 and more BOBO MAIDs will be qualified with WL of the “Dragon     King’s palace of Journey to the west” project.

1. Collaborate with Xverse , a platform of Metaverse. BOBO MAID will enter certain     scenario of Xverse.

2. Hold virtual runway game show. Active members of BOBO MAID community will     have opportunity to be the judges of the show.


BoBo Maid is not only a NFT project
and will be an important element of our Metaverse ecosystem.
Our goal is to build a fascinating community and the owner of BoBo Maid
will be automatically qualified for the membership.
In the future members are able to participate
in amazing events and get more rewards from
our community and Metaverse.